MOVING LINESCM256 – CM905 – CM1206

Automatic moving lines (cycles) of the tiles moulded by a revolving press. Tiles, either freshly moulded or cured, are taken off and moved by means of a vacuum-operated device.

The CM-system uses strong, hot zinc-coated steel pallets (“trays”) that can hold several mouldings and are superimposable in piles on a base-tray. The piles of trays can be moved to and from the curing chambers either by a forklift or by an automatic double-car robot.

The versions CM256/ROT – CM905/ROT – CM1206/ROT allow the tiles to be laid on the steel tray with the sight-face looking upwards.

The versions CM256/ROT-WD – CM905/ROT-WD – CM1206/ROT-WD are in addition provided with direct-washing system for the production of washbeton tiles.

All above mentioned versions can be manufactured either in the integrated version “FS” or in the split version “F+S”; this second version composes of two separate lines: one coupled with the press and the other with  the grinding machine or a processing line of different kind, thus making the two production paces independent one from the other.