The process

Longinotti’s system consists in transforming heterogeneous rigid and flexible plastic wastes – from industrial, agricultural and household origin – generally without either particular sorting or washing, into quality end products.
The wastes, baled or loose, are loaded on preparation lines where they are previously shredded and then conveyed in a granulator or densificator according to the type, rigid of flexible.
After they are stored in stocking silos, and sent to the mixing silos.
The blend is so introduced in a special extruder where a homogeneous paste is produced without causing any degradation of the material.

The extruders

All our extruders adopt a highly-efficient length/diameter ratio that allows a rapid extruding phase assuring a constant quality of the plastic paste.
The extruder feeds a set of low-pressure, water-cooled moulds according to their size assembled in different arrangement like revolving drum (recycler LEP 3.7 ) revolving table (recycler LER 7.0) and the new LER 7.0 HP High Performance) or horizontal line (recycler LEA 2.0)
After the cooling phase the end product is ejected and is ready to be stored and than to be saled.

Production capacity: 300÷900 kg/h, according to the extruder
higher capacities are available on request.

The moulds
The moulds made of special aluminium alloy, are simple, interchangeable and thanks to their low working pressure, not expensive.

Longinotti’s recycling plants are effective, simple, easy to use and maintain, environment-frindly and totally not-polluting.

Just fews workers are needed to run the whole plant.