Quality is our mission

Longinotti Group has committed itself to keeping alive the best guidelines of the LONGINOTTI industrial history, that is the pursuit of technological innovation and the uncompromising dedication to quality.

Since we export our machinery all over the world, we are conscious, now more than ever, to represent the whole Made in Italy, though in our limited field, and our industrial policy is based on such assumption.

All our machines are totally manufactured inItaly, since the earliest stages of semi-finished products, using the best possible materials in relation to the job they have to perform and the stress they have to undergo. All components, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic are chosen from selected leading manufacturers, mostly Italian or European.

Sensitive machine tooling is made in our factory inFlorence–Italyunder direct supervision of our Technical Department, as is the final assembling and testing of all machines of our production.

For several years we have concentrated our efforts in designing and manufacturing machines which might have a long life-span under heavy-duty conditions and with a minimum of maintenance and we are now in a position to affirm that our machines are the ones in the market with the lower need of spare parts to be kept in working order.

All machines we put on the market have the CE certificate, attesting the manufacturing according to the European Community safety prescriptions.

Today Longinotti Group consists of three divisions:

  • Longinotti Tile Technology, the historical section of the company, which since 1936 produces advanced technologies and innovative solutions for the industrial production of tiles.
  • Longinotti Recycling, founded in 1988, produces advanced ecological plants for the recycling of mixed waste plastic collected from urban and industrial.
  • Longinotti Spare Parts operates one of the best stocked spare parts warehouse of industrial machines in Italy, and arranges for the shipment of spare parts worldwide.